Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Meaning of Roses

Red Rose
* Usually use to convey deep emotions
* Expression of Love & Romance
* Also convey respect, admiration or devotion
Deep red rose convey heartfelt regret and sorrow or unconscious beauty

Pink Rose
* Usually use to convey gentle emotions - admiration, joy & gratitude
* Also representing elegence & grace
* Expression of Love, Gratitude & Appreciation
* Light pink rose blooms convey sweetness, innocence & expression of sympathy
* Deep pink rose blooms convey deep gratitude & appreciation

White Rose
* Usually associated with new beginnings
* Convey sympanthy or humility
* Expression of Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Remembrance & Spirituality
* In bridal rose, white roses represents unity, virtue & pureness of a new love
*Also associated with honor & reverence

Yellow Rose
* Evoke sunny feeling of joy, warmth & welcome
* Symbolize friendship & caring
*Indicates platonic emotions
* Expression of Friendship, Joy, Exuberance & Get Well

Orange Rose
* Signifies Passion & Energy
* Convey intense desire, pride & fervor
* Also convey sense of facination
* Expression of Desire, Enthusiasm & Passion
* Seen as the bridge between friendship (yellow roses) & love (red roses)

Lavender Rose
* Conveys enchantment & express "love at first sight"
* Expression of Enchantment, Majesty & Love at First Sight
* Darker shades of lavender roses convey sense of regal majesty & splendor
* Also express fascination & adoration

Green Rose
* Color of harmony, of opulence, of fertility
* Indicate peace & tranquility
* White rose with shades of green symbolize best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for recovery of good health

Blue Rose
* Represent the unattainable or mysterious
* embody desire for the unattainable

Black Rose
* Known as color of death & farewell
* Convey the death of feeling or idea

Monday, 23 May 2016

Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 @ Penang Esplanade - Consecutively 2 Whole Days

Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2016 which fall on 21st & 22nd May 2016, this event was the second time organized Penang government. 

Due to bad weather, I only attend the last 30 minutes 2nd Day Anime Song Concert.  Thankfully, i get to record the event myself. There was so many cosplayers on the concert as well.
This year, I was quite disappointing as the events end so fast. I was glad that this year event have brought a lot of Anime Lovers together although with the bad weather. I hope i can attend next year PENANG ANIME MATSURI 2017 with good weather.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Magic of Numbers

I come across some interesting things during my last spring cleaning that I would like to share it to everyone. Plus, this piece of information which related to personality that I felt somehow helps us to know ourselves more. Examples of calculating will be at the end of the notes. 

Number            Alphabets
    1                  A, I, Q, J, Y
    2                  B, K, R
    3                  C, G, L, S
    4                  D, M, T
    5                  E, H, N
    6                  U, V, W, X
    7                  O, Z
    8                  F, P

The Vowel = Heart Number
The Whole = Key Number
The Consonants = Personality

ONE = The number of ambition; personal energy directed mainly to self-advancement, and - if the negative aspects of the number are dominate - selfishness. ONEs can be strong forces for good, but if they allow their egotism full play, they can be dominating and inconsiderate, even, in the extreme cases, tyrannical.
TWO = The number of femininity in the old-fashioned senses to the world. The number often typifies the follower, nor the leader, and TWOs can tend to be much easy-going. They usually are good natured, if a trifle placid. TWOs can be over-secretive and somewhat malicious.

THREE = The numbers of integration, harmony, and wholeness. A typical THREEs are outgoing, adaptable, popular, and fast-thinking. In general, they are fortunate and envied by others. They can be show and conceited. 

FOUR = The number or reliability and steady application. FOURs tend to proceed slowly but unstoppable throughout their life, eventually achieving all they want - but often not until middle life. One of their faults is a tendency to bottle up their true emotions.

FIVE = The number of mystery and the inexplicable; FIVEs often conceal their trueselves from others, sometimes living a life that is externally at odds with what is going on inside their heads. Many FIVEs are attracted to things psychic; some of them can be reckless.

SIX = The number of reliability, loyalty and abiding affection. The personality of the SIXs - neither as solid as that of the FOURs nor as flashy as that of some THREEs, but often combining the best elements of both - usually leads to success.

SEVEN = The number of profound thought and creative imagination. SEVENs are often more interested in their inner than their outer lives. They sometimes strike others as being a little withdrawn, and have great difficulty in communicating with their follow men. Like FIVEs, they are attracted by the occult, although usually on a more serious level. 

EIGHT = The number of unremitting effort, practical success and, sometimes, disastrous material failure. The typical EIGHTs is a tireless and dedicated worker and thus achieved success; but a tendency to occasional recklessness which can sometimes result in loss of all that has been attained. As a consequences of this, some EIGHTs can be extremely bitter characters.

NINE = The number of success on every level, and, sooner or later, NINEs get what they want out of life - materially, intellectually, and emotionally - and attain to great happiness. They must, however, guard against a tendency to try to dominate the lives of others. They also have a tendency to be over enthusiastic and many be a little whimsical about their aims of life.

EXAMPLES: Your full name is used for calculation - sum of whole name, vowels of name and consonants of name.

The Whole
M  A  T  S  U  O    A  S  U  K  A      
4  1  4  3  6  7     1  3  6  2  1      

         25          +         13
                       2 (Key Number)

The Vowels 
M  A  T  S  U  O    A  S  U  K  A      
     1         6  7     1      6      1 

           14        +          8
                       4 (Heart Number)

The Consonants
M  A  T  S  U  O    A  S  U  K  A      
4      4  3                 3      2  

           11        +         5
                       7 (Personality)         

Whether you believe me or not, the above name is converted from my birth name via RUMANDMONKEY Japanese Name Generator. I have been using this name since middle school as my pen name. While using my birth name, I get this number: Key Number=6, Heart Number=1 & Personality=5. In reality, I found out that my personality, key and heart of birth name does apply in my working life. While the personality, key and heart of above name does apply to me when I'm home doing my favorite things or slacking around at home namely playing games, reading novels and working on my blogs. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Penang Bon Odori 2015 @ Penang Esplanade

Every year, Penang state government will organize Bon Odori. Thus, we as Penangites able to enjoy this festival together with the Japanase people who have migrated or work/study here at Penang. More and more stall being participate this festival this year. As you can see the below photo, there are crowds of people whether Penangites or tourists, all come here with the objectives to have fun and watch firecrackers. There are also crowds near the game stalls which every Matsuri at Japan have, for instance goldfish scooping, yo-yo balloons and et cera. 

At the same time, performance after performances happened on stage. After purchasing their foods and beverages, the crowds walked and searched a good spots near the stage in order to enjoy performances.

However, this year Penang Bon Odori have add a new performance which consist of cosplayers performing dance. Due to new programmes to this festival, thus, not many cosplayers know about this. Below photo and short video of them performing on stage:- 

This year, I did not stay back to watch firecracker cause I need to be another place during the firecracker show. Next year, I might stay and watch firecracker if there is no raining of cause.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Penang Anime Matsuri 2015 @ Penang Esplanade - Consecutively 2 Whole Days

I'm happy and would like to say thanks to our state country, Penang organizing this  Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015. This is the first time for Penang has its own Anime Matsuri. Although, I miss out the first day of the party which fall on 23th May 2015. However, I still get to enjoy the second day party which is the wildest open air Anime Concert on 24th May 2015. Thanks to god that it does not rain on the second day. 

Here is the announcement before the actual party start which organized by SOZO, presented by Penang Global Tourism and Penang Government, supported by various company, official media by ANIMAX, AFA Channel & WOWJapan, and other supporting companies.

Anisong Artists from Japan: Mika Kobayashi & Yanagi Nagi and Anisong DJ: Hachioji P and Yuyoyuppe.

Well-known Super Cosplayers also attend this event: Angie (Malaysia), MON (Taiwan), Hana & Baozi (China), Shimon (Taiwan) and YingTze (Malaysia) as well as other cosplayers from other countries. 

Anime Matsuri Entrance
Waiting for the Anime Matsuri Concert to start
Games Booth at the both sides after entering the Anime Matsuri Entrance
The Concert Begin
The crowds get crazy and wild as the Anime Song being played
Here is the some of video that I capture in Anime Matsuri Concert. Sorry for the additional background voice cause i was took excited and thanks to AniSong DJ getting all the crowds to highest peak of excitement once he play the popular Anime and Vocaloid Songs as well as some remix from some popular English Songs.

FYI, Penang will continue to organize the SECOND ANIME MATSURI in the year of 2016. Can't wait the next Anime Matsuri. 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sarva Dur Gati Pari Sodhana Usnisa Vijaya 佛顶尊勝陀羅尼咒

Namo Bhagavate Trailokya, Prativisistaya Buddhaya, Bhagavate Tadyatha, 
Om, Visuddhaya-Visuddhaya, Asama-sama, Samanta vabhasa, Spharana Gati Gahana, 
Svabhava Visuddhe, Abhinsincatu Mam, Sugata Vara Vacana, Amrta Abhisekai, 
Maha Mantra-Padai, Ahara-Ahara, Ayuh Sam-Dharani, Sodhaya-Sodhaya, 
Gagana Visuddhe, Usnisa Vijaya Visuddhe, Sahasra-Rasmi, Sam-codite, 
Sarva Tathagata Avalokani, Sat-Paramita Paripurani, Sarva Tathagata Mati Dasa-Bhumi,
Prati-Sthite, Sarva Tathagata Hardaya, 
Adhistana-dhisthita Maha-mudre, Vajra Kaya, Sam-hatana Visuddhe,
Sarva-varana Apaya-durgati, Pari-visuddhe, Prati-nivartaya Ayuh Suddhe,
Samaya Adhisthite, Mani-Mani Maha Mani, Tathata Bhuta-koti Parisuddhe, 
Visphuta Buddhi Suddhe, Jaya-jaya, Vijaya-vijaya, Smara-smara, 
Sarva Buddha Ashisthita Suddhe, Vajri Vajra-garbhe, Vajram Bhavatu,
Mama Sariram, Sarva Sattvanam ca Kaya, Pari Visuddhe, Sarva Gati Pari Suddhe,
Sarva Tathagata Sinca Me, Samasvasayantu, Sarva Tathagata Samasvasa Adhisthite, 
Buddhya-Buddhya, Vibuddya-Vibuddya, Bodhaya-Bodhaya, Vibodhaya-Vibodhaya, 
Samanta Parisuddhe, Sarva Tathagata Hardaya, Adhisthana-dhisthita Maha-mudre Svaha.

南摩 巴嘎瓦爹 德來路戈呀, 巴拉帝 偉施司大呀 布達呀, 巴嘎瓦爹 達帝呀它,
嗡, 偉須達呀 偉須達呀, 薩瑪薩瑪, 司曼達 瓦巴薩, 司巴拉那 嘎帝 嘎哈那,
索巴瓦 威須爹, 阿比森 恰圖曼, 蘇嘎它 瓦拉瓦恰那, 阿米里達 比曬該,
瑪哈曼德拉 巴戴, 阿哈拉 阿哈拉, 阿又索 達拉尼, 須達呀 須達呀,
嘎嘎那 威須爹, 屋司尼薩 偉加呀 威須爹, 薩哈司拉 拉司米 三處抵爹,
薩爾瓦 達它嘎達 瓦羅卡尼, 沙特巴拉米達 巴里布羅尼, 薩爾瓦 達它嘎達 賀里達呀,
帝施達那 帝施抵爹, 瑪哈目德烈 鎢計拉嘎呀, 三哈達那 威須爹,
薩爾瓦 瓦拉那巴呀 圖爾嘎帝, 巴里 威須爹, 巴羅帝 尼瓦爾達呀 阿又須爹,
薩瑪呀 帝施抵爹, 摩尼 摩尼 瑪哈摩尼, 達它達 布特括帝 巴里須爹,
偉司波達 菩提須爹, 加呀加呀 偉加呀偉加呀, 司瑪拉司瑪拉,
薩爾瓦布達 帝施抵達 須爹, 瓦計里 瓦計拉 嘎爾貝, 瓦計蘭 巴瓦度,
麼麼麼 舍里蘭, 薩爾瓦 薩多南加 嘎呀, 巴里威須爹, 薩爾瓦嘎帝 巴里須爹,
薩爾瓦 達它嘎達 希佳美, 薩瑪索薩 呀姆多, 薩爾瓦 達它嘎達, 薩瑪索薩 帝施抵爹,
菩提呀 菩提呀, 偉菩提呀 偉菩提呀, 布達呀 布達呀, 偉布達呀 偉布達呀,
薩曼達 巴里須爹, 薩爾瓦 達它嘎達 賀里達呀, 帝施達那 帝施抵爹, 瑪哈目德烈 司哇哈.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chinese New Year Celebration

Today is the fourth day of Chinese New Year (CNY). SO, GONG XI FA CHAI!!! We still have 11 days to go. Although traditionally CNY celebration begins from CNY's Eve which was the last day of the last month of Chinese Calender to Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, this custom still keep on running in my country. As you can see, these 16 days have their own meaning.

Here is the list of day-to-day of Chinese New Year Celebration:-

Chinese New Year's Eve: Family's Reunion Dinner 

CNY's Eve is known as CHU XI, the last day of Chinese Lunar Calender. At this day, families usually get together to have reunion dinner, includes family members who are working at oversea. To catch up anything they have missed with their elders, the adults will chatting, playing mahjong, playing cards and enjoying the reunion moments while children busy playing firecrackers.

1st Day of Chinese New Year: Celebrates the Beginning of A Year  

After Midnight of CNY's Eve, families will set off some firecrackers to mark the New Year. This is to drive out evil spirits from their house and welcoming gods of heaven and earth to their house.  On the morning, everyone had to visit their older and more seniors members of their extended family, mostly their parents,  grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. The younger generation have to wish the elder generation a happy new year and at the same time getting HONG PAO in returns. 

2nd Day of Chinese New Year: Visiting Friends and Relatives

The second day of CNY is known as KAI NIAN, meaning the beginning of the year and also known as YING XU RI meaning the day to welcome son-in-law. Some people will have to undergo this day where the married daughters will visit their parental home with their husband. Nowadays, most people visits both of their parents on 1st Day of CNY. 

3rd Day of Chinese New Year: Staying at Home

People rarely go out on the third day as it was known as CHI KOU RI which means easy to cause unnecessary quarrel and fights. Thus, most of the older people will prefer to stay at home. 

4th Day of Chinese New Year: Worshiping Gods 

This day is the auspicious day where people welcome the kitchen god, the god of fortune and other gods to their house. Plus, people can go clean their house and gather all the rubbish in one place and throw them all which symbolize throwing the bad luck and possible poverty of this year.

5th Day of Chinese New Year: Festival of Po Wu 

The fifth day of CNY is the day where people can break the taboo such us women can freely to drop around and go shopping whole day. Most of the people are start working and operate their business on this day. 

6th Day of Chinese New Year: Sending Away the Ghost of Poverty

The sixth day of CNY is the day to throw away their ragged clothes, rubbish and other unwanted things. They believed it will send sway poverty in the past and welcome the beautiful day in a new year. 

7th Day of Chinese New Year: The Day of Human

Seventh day of CNY is known as REN RI means the day of human. In short, birthday to all human being on the earth.

8th Day of Chinese New Year: Celebrating the Birthday of Millet

Eighth day of CNY is an important day to ancient China whereby looking at the weather to determine the whole year will bring good harvest or not. If this day is bright and clear means that there will be a good harvest throughout the year whereas the weather is cloudy and rainy, then they will suffer from poor harvest. 

9th Day of Chinese New Year: The Birthday of Jade Emperor, The Supreme Deity of Taoism

At the midnight of 8th day of CNY, families will gather together to make offering and set off firecracker to celebrate Jade Emperor's birthday. Nowadays, people call this day as PAI TI GONG in Hokkein. 

10th Day of Chinese New Year: The Birthday of the God of Stone

Tenth day of CNY is known as SHI BU DONG means not to move any stone. In olden days, people were forbidden to cut into mountain for rock and build house with rocks or not bad things might happen to their crops.

11th Day of Chinese New Year: Fathers-in-Law to Entertain Sons-in-Law

The eleventh day of CNY is the day where fathers-in-law entertain sons-in law. Since there is a lot of food left on the 9th day of CNY, thus the leftover will be used to entertain the sons-in-law.

12th Day of Chinese New Year: Preparing for the Lantern Festival

13th Day of Chinese New Year: Seeing Lanterns

14th Day of Chinese New Year: Celebration of Lantern Festival I

15th Day of Chinese New Year: Celebration of Lantern Festival II

Fifteenth day of CNY is known as YUAN XIOA JIE/SHANG YUAN JIE means Lantern Festival. This day where people enjoying looking at the colorful lanterns and fly Kongming Lantern which written all the beautiful wishes. Plus, it also known as CHAP GOH MEI in Hokkien, means the fifteenth night where the younger generation will get acquainted. In short, romantic festival. Ladies who is still single will throw the oranges into the sea. Some of it might have contact numbers and date to meet. While, the guys who is still single will try to pick up the oranges in the sea and look for beautiful dates. After the fifteenth day of CNY, this mark the end of Chinese New Year. 

As you can see, there are 6 out of 16 days of Chinese New Year are very important days to our modern people. The first 3 days from Chinese New Year Eve till the 2nd day of Chinese New Year are very important to all Chinese people as these days allow us to have reunion and family moment which we have missed out throughout the year since everyone are busy with their daily lives. 

The seventh day of CNY is the day where all human beings are born. Thus, it's everybody birthday. The ninth of CNY is the day we celebrate Jade Emperor's birthday and also it is important day to the Hokkien people to thanks the Jade Emperor of saving them from bandits raid in Ming Dynasty. The fifteenth day of CNY is the last day of CNY and young people get acquainted. 

Here, I would like to said:-